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Topics such as new-generation cranes, innovative lifting systems, interesting applications regarding energy recovery in lifting technologies, unmanned lifting systems, new inventory addressing and management software and integration of lifting/transportation systems are planned to be included in the International Steel Rolling Symposium and Exhibition as papers. 

Workshop Equipment (Leveling products, cutting tools...)

The International Steel Rolling Symposium and Exhibition will feature papers on NC, CNC and universal machines used in rolling mill workshops, roll/ring/roller grinding wheels and testing results and performances of various qualities of the same, various qualities of cutting inserts used for the leveling of rolls/rings/rollers and interpretation of the performance of the same under different conditions, and cost-cutting studies.

Workshop Equipment (Supporting devices for Operation/Maintenance Units)

The International Steel Rolling Symposium and Exhibition will provide participants the opportunity to publish papers on innovative approaches regarding any workshop support equipment for operation and maintenance units, such as work and back-up roll bearing (supporting) systems, stand/bearing washing equipment, bearing assembly/disassembly apparatuses, industrial robotic arm measurement systems, etc.

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